Natterjack Irish Whiskey


Like our whiskey, the strength of our team is in the blend. The perfect mix of misfits, rebels and troublemakers makes for an interesting cocktail…

The Original Toad:
Aidan Mehigan

Founder, Distiller and Eternal Optimist

Natterjack began with one man's dream to make whiskey and has endured because of his persistence and passion. A toad with no fear of the deep end, Aidan is a risk taker who fears regrets more than mistakes. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he has gathered some like minded toads along the way.

Best piece of life advice:

F**k it, let’s do it.

The Loud Toad:
Scott Moran

Head of Global Sales and Good Humour

Natterjacks can be heard for 2 kilometres, Scott is the human embodiment of this. He puts the ‘Natter’ in Natterjack, a great trait when your job is to sell whiskey. Toads have a saying, ‘Mad as a Box of Scotts’ – he cannot be matched in energy. No matter the task, Scott will get it done, and have a good laugh along the way.

Best piece of life advice:

Be seriously unserious.

The Sensible Toad:
David Balfour

COO and Voted Most Likely to Succeed

Every pond needs a sensible toad, the one who makes sure the water level doesn’t drop too far. David is a master of operations, and a big part of how our liquid gold gets from a cask in rural Ireland to the glass in your hand or bottle on your shelf. If the devil is in the detail, we should call him Beelzebub.

Best piece of life advice:

Just do it properly.

The American Toad:
Jordan Via

Master Distiller and Chief Experimenter

Our own mad scientist and distiller at large, Jordan Via’s olfactory talents are legendary in the global whiskey industry. Like our whiskey, our team is more interesting with its American twang. Having first met Aidan in a car park, he knows first hand how weird things at Natterjack can get, yet he is still here!

Best piece of life advice:
Read the room, don’t be an asshole

The Polished Toad:
Vanessa Kieffer

Director of marketing and makes us look good

In Ireland they say, it is hard to polish a toad. Vanessa is the exception to the rule. Tactful and Tactical, she's the polish to our rough and ready, the cocktail party to our dive bar, the straight and narrow to our left field. Vanessa gets our name in lights and shouts our wins from the rooftops as only a great marketer can.

Best piece of life advice:

Do what you are going to do, I'll make it look good