Natterjack Irish Whiskey


Live Deliberately

Live Deliberately

This is the story of an adventurous toad and the people who followed it.

We’ll begin with the people part, but if you would Like to skip to the Toad…
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Ours is a story of endless adventure…

Natterjack Irish whiskey was born of a quest for adventure, to leave the beaten track and create a new one for ourselves.

As a group of pioneering spirits, driven by a passion to make whiskey, we left all we knew behind to create something different, to build something.

Independent of industry shackles and corporate ownership has been liberating, but it has not been easy getting here. Building something great takes mettle, sweat and an ounce of terror…

You’ll taste the true authenticity of adventure and fear in our whiskey. Live Deliberately is our mantra, and that is what we set out to do every day.

We set out to make new whiskey traditions for a generation that is challenging the status quo. We stand on the shoulders of giants to create something interesting, adventurous and new.

Natterjack is the result of our adventure - an adventure that we are still on, and like any good adventure, it is full of twists and turns and has a hero you can believe in at its core - the Natterjack toad.

Through our whiskey we invite you to join us on the adventure, there is always room for one more.

Introducing Natterjack Toad.
It’s an intriguing character.
Its distinctive yellow stripe sets it apart from other toads. While all around it are hopping, it walks. It chooses its own course.

With a call that can be heard from two kilometres away, you will hear it before you see it, it’s not shy. The only toad native to Ireland, a tendency to roam and love of a story shared are buried deep in its DNA. Like the Irish, it travels well, and is shaped by the places it goes and people it meets along the way.

What better namesake for our whiskey. Join it on the journey, everyone is welcome. You never know where you may end up.